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In the Digital.Hub Logistics in Dortmund we will accompany and advise you on both the digital transformation of your company and on developing digital business. All this in a region that has already proven how well it deals with structural change and in an environment which benefits from its proximity to Germany's best logistics research facilities. Continue developing your own digital ideas and projects in the Digital.Hub Logistics – fast and effectively! Because digital business works best where there is room for creativity and acting quickly.

Are you prepared to be better and faster than the competition? 

Do you want to test new business ideas with little risk and solve current problems creatively? 

Do you often find yourself thinking: »We could have done that, too!«


The finals of the Digital Logistics Award 2018 took place on September 11, 2018 as part of the »Zukunftskongress Logistik – 36. Dortmunder Gespräche«. Eight finalists presented their innovative digital logistics solutions for production, trade, farm & food, the financial sector and other sectors. With this award, the Digital.Hub Logistics wants to honor and promote creative business solutions in logistics.


Today, logistics stands for intelligent networking and is predestined to push forward digitisation in industry, trade and production. The best way to push forward the development of digital projects, products and services, particularly in companies which still mostly have material assets, is with so-called »start-ins« – i.e. special digital teams or units that deal with innovations above and beyond normal daily business and outside the company’s usual product development process. Our Digital Transformation Guides accompany your »start-in« all the way from the initial inspiration to scale-up – whether you just want to use your product internally, offer it on the market or even found a new company.

Digital Product Factory

In our Digital Product Factory, we offer a wide variety of service components which you can use to lead your project to success. These are proven concepts for innovation management, e.g. potential analyses, workshops or focus groups, as well as formats from the start-up scene such as bar camps, pitch nights or hackathons. Step by step, and together with you, we select exactly the right service components to meet your specific requirements.

How is your company dealing with new products and business models in the digital world? Contact us!

Coworking Space

Our Coworking Space is in Dortmund, opposite Fraunhofer IML and very close to Fraunhofer ISST, providing direct access to the test halls and experimental areas, shop floors and laboratories in the two research institutions. The close proximity to the TU Dortmund University LogistikCampus also ensures we have excellent contacts to young logistics talent.

»The fourth industrial revolution enables companies to rethink everything – but it also forces them to do so.« 

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke, Managing Director, Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML

»The entire logistics industry can only achieve good results with the help of intensive digitisation.«

Erich Staake, Chief Executive Officer, Duisburger Hafen AG

»Partnership in the Digital.Hub Logistics gives companies the possibility to renew themselves from inside out.«

Dr. Stephan Peters, Member of the Executive Board, Rhenus SE & Co. KG


Dortmund and the Ruhr metropolitan area are among the most important logistics locations in Germany and are renowned as innovation hubs for logistics in Europe. Scientific institutions like Fraunhofer IML, Fraunhofer ISST and TU Dortmund University with their specialist chairs and industry-related lead-projects have bundled competencies in the areas of logistics and digitisation in recent years and have established new forms of cooperation between business and science. Digital.Hub Logistics now closes the gap in the innovation chain between pre-competition research and launching product ideas onto the market.

national and international member companies are now working in the International Data Spaces Assocciation on establishing a secure data space where digital sovereignty over data has priority. 

interdisciplinary research groups in the Leistungszentrum Logistik and IT (National Centre of Excellence for Logistics and IT) are developing a comprehensive roadmap comprising strategic topics for logistics research to be carried out over the next few years and decades.

»components of efficient logistics« have already been developed in the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr, the Federal Government’s leading-edge cluster with about 200 participating companies and organisations.

transfer projects about Industry 4.0 and human-technology interaction are carried out every year by the Innovation Laboratory Hybrid Services in Logistics and SMEs 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum »Digital in NRW« (SME 4.0 Enabling Center "Digital in NRW").


The employees at Digital.Hub Logistics Agency see themselves as Digital Transformation Guides: we support and foster developments, initiate processes, advise and accompany you in your activities, input the necessary know-how just when it is needed and connect you to the right partners.

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